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Definition of Hypertension or High Blood Pressure (HBP), Causes of Hypertension, Risk Factors of Hypertension, Symptoms of Hypertension, Diagnosis of Hypertension, Treatment Management and Nursing Care for Hypertension, Prognosis of Hypertension, Diet for Hypertension, Prevention of Hypertension.

Nursing Care for Hypertension

The nurses who has assignment to treat and managing a nursing intervention for patient with hypertension cases, They must be collect some data before implementation some of nursing procedural to the patient.

Hypertension or High Blood Pressure (HBP) is a chronic medical condition in which the blood pressure (tension) is elevated in the arteries or blood vessels of human body. There are two major types of hypertension, Essential hypertension and Secondary hypertension. By an assessment and read the patient's medical report, The nurses can make a plan to do the urgent and the next nursing care for their patient.

Patient who has been diagnosed as hypertension usually had anxiety's problem. Deficit of knowledge related to the hypertension condition is a target for the nursing to be an evaluation, Is the patient understand how to diet?, Is the patient check or control of their blood pressure level at home? How the patient's lifestyle? etc.

Hypertension is a symptom of hypoxia due to inadequate concentrations of oxygen in the blood, This is related to the Ineffective Tissue Perfusion. Signs and symptoms of hypoxia: hypertension, restlessness, dyspnea, tachycardia, diaphoresis, cyanosis. These situation can be happen if the hypertension appear as secondary problem from other diseases such as renal, cerebral, cardiopulmonary, gastrointestinal, peripheral disease.

Generally, the nurses have to responsible to the following nursing priorities at patient hypertension ;
  • Reduce the anxiety and tension of patient
  • Improve myocardial contractility/systemic perfusion.
  • Reduce fluid volume overload.
  • Prevent complications from hypertension condition.
  • Provide information about disease/prognosis, therapy needs, and prevention of recurrences.
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